US death penalty update – clemency granted in Virginia

Image of Ivan Telguz with his family holding flowers

A welcome decision in the interest of justice from Governor Terry McAuliffe – who has granted clemency to death row inmate Ivan Teleguz. The Governor has seen the facts of the case and listened to the thousands of people from across the political spectrum who called for Ivan’s clemency.

Ivan’s execution, which was scheduled for Tuesday 25th April, has now been permanently halted.

It is an essential part of our system of checks and balances” the Governor said in his statement “giving the Executive the power to grant clemency, with broad and absolute discretion to ensure justice.” 

The Governor cited, among other issues, the fact that the prosecution had used a made up murder in order to secure a death sentence.

During the trial, evidence was admitted implicating Mr. Teleguz in another murder in a small Pennsylvania town.  In arguing for the death penalty, the prosecutor made explicit reference to this evidence in arguing that Mr. Teleguz was so dangerous that he needed to be put to death.

We now know that no such murder occurred, much less with any involvement by Mr. Teleguz.  It was false information, plain and simple…
Governor Terry McAuliffe

Justice has prevailed and a man who would have been killed on Tuesday will now be allowed to live – it is a great thing to be able to say, and to share with all of you.

Thank you to everyone for helping Ivan.