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Ibrahim Halawa

2014_08_11_PUB Ibrahim HalawaIbrahim is an Irish teen who was arrested
and tortured after attending a political
protest while on holiday in Egypt.

When his Reprieve caseworker visited him,
Ibrahim told her about experimental torture
being carried out in the prison where he is
being held.

He has been held in appalling conditions for over 2
years and now faces a mass trial and execution.

Andy Tsege

2015_03_26 PUB Andy Tsege FamilyAndy is a father of three and a British citizen.
He is a democracy campaigner and prominent
critic of the Ethiopian regime.

Andy was sentenced to death in absentia, then
kidnapped from an international airport and
taken to an Ethiopian secret prison.

The authorities abused him in secret, then paraded
him on state television, where he showed signs of
torture and ‘confessed’ to various offences.

Ali al-Nimr

2015_10_30_PUB Ali al-NimrAli was arrested for participating in an anti-governmental
protest in Saudi Arabia.

He was tortured into signing a confession,
and sentenced to death by crucifixion, which
in Saudi Arabia involves beheading and public
display of the body.

Ali could be executed at any moment, without
prior notification to his family or legal team.

Younous Chekkouri

2014_11_18_PUB Younous_photo 600pxYounous was doing charity work in Afghanistan
and starting a business when he was sold to US
forces for a bounty and taken to Guantánamo

After 14 years of wrongful imprisonment and
abuse, Younous was released to his native
Morocco in September 2015.

But he was detained on arrival, and continues to
be held by the Moroccan authorities.

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