Torture and executions in Bahrain

Image of Theresa May and Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa

Mohamed Ramadhan, pictured in the photo with his three children, is one of those facing imminent execution.

There are 21 people on Bahrain’s death row, many of them political prisoners. Four could be executed by firing squad at any moment, without warning.

Will you join people around the world calling on Bahrain to stop these executions? It only takes two minutes, and every person who joins is helping to build international pressure on Bahrain’s regime.

Bahrain: don’t execute victims of torture

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One of those facing imminent execution is Mohamed Ramadhan, a father of three, who was blindfolded, stripped and beaten with iron rods by the Bahraini police. His false confession was used to secure his death sentence.

So far, over 24,000 people have joined our call – and international pressure is building. But the danger of imminent executions is real.

Last year, three torture victims with links to opposition protests were secretly executed by Bahrain’s firing squad without any warning. We know that we don’t have a moment to lose.

Our team here at Reprieve is working to stop these imminent executions – and thousands of people have already taken action.

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