The death penalty in Bahrain: what you need to know

The Kingdom of Bahrain – an island country in the Persian Gulf – is the third smallest country in Asia behind only the Maldives and Singapore.

Essential Facts

  • Execution Method: firing squad
  • On death row: 21
  • Facing imminent execution: 4
  • Executions last year: 3 political prisoners executed


Key Issues

  • Torture and forced confessions
  • Unfair trials
  • Death penalty used as a tool of political repression
  • Recent tripling of death sentences


Imminent Executions

MOHAMED RAMADHAN – father of three, blindfolded, stripped, beaten with iron rods. False confession used to secure his death sentence. Bahrain’s Special Investigation Unit investigated the torture and recommended a retrial, but no retrial has been set and he still faces imminent execution.


HUSAIN MOOSA – Mohamed’s co-defendant, hung from the ceiling by his wrists for three days and beaten. Tortured into signing a confession falsely implicating them both. Also promised a retrial, but still faces imminent execution.


MAHER ABBAS AL-KHABBAZ – hotel bellboy, disappeared by Bahraini police for a week and tortured so severely he was transferred to hospital. False confession used to sentence him to death.




What you can do to help

Join us in calling on the Bahraini authorities to stop these imminent executions.

Bahrain: Don’t execute victims of torture

Urgent – 21 people are currently on Bahrain’s death row, many of them political prisoners. 4 have exhausted their legal appeals and could be executed at any time.

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