Egypt’s Child Law Loophole

Children in Egypt face the sickening possibility of being sentenced to death. 

Since 2013, Egyptian authorities have handed down preliminary death sentences to at least twelve children. That’s a violation of Egyptian and international law.

This happens because of a small legal loophole in the Egyptian justice system. Those twelve children have faced death penalties because of it.

Egypt doesn’t want to accept there is a problem.

On March 11, 2020, they refused to accept recommendations made by seven other countries (Austria, Bahamas, Belgium, France, Mexico, New Zealand and Portugal) at the United Nations to close its Child Law loophole. Egyptian authorities are turning a blind eye to a major human rights problem.

The campaign to close Egypt’s Child Law loophole gets into the nitty-gritty of both Egyptian and international law. But that’s where rights are made or broken. And that’s why we’ve made this short video to explain the change we’re campaigning for.

Please watch and share the video, and add your name to the campaign calling on Egypt to close its Child Law loophole.

Egypt: No More Death Sentences for Children

No child should face the sickening fear of being sentenced to death. If you agree, join the campaign today.

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