Lethal Injection

Image of a gurney

Between 1976 and 2016 the US has executed more than 1,400 people by lethal injection.These executions are carried out using medicines originally designed to save and improve the lives of patients. Because these drugs were not designed to kill, and are administered in experimental dosages by wardens who are not medically trained, these executions are frequently botched.

Over 50 global healthcare companies have now taken action to prevent their medicines being misused in lethal injection executions across the USA. A number of industry bodies representing the pharmaceutical and pharmacy sectors have also spoken out against the diversion of medicines to death rows for use in capital punishment.

Reprieve helps manufacturers break their links with the execution drug trade, supports export regulators in preventing foreign medicines being sold to death rows, and seeks to debunk the myth of the “humane execution”.




Reprieve’s Lethal Injection Information Center is a hub for manufacturers, distributors, and stakeholders interested in preventing the misuse of medicines in lethal injections.

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