Drones & Assassinations

America’s Assassinations Programme is one of the biggest threats to global human rights, and Reprieve is working to stop it.

Under the programme, people are identified as targets and placed on a ‘Kill List’ for future assassination by drone attack on the basis of clumsy computer algorithms.

Reprieve has uncovered extensive evidence that the US has breached international law and violated fundamental human rights, killing thousands of adults and children in the process – 80% of whom have never even been named.

The assassinations programme was started by President Obama, but President Trump is ramping it up. One of the early attacks authorised by the then newly sworn in President saw 23 civilians, including 10 children under the age of 12 brutally killed.

This was described by President Trump as a ‘win’. But fewer and fewer people still believe that the US is accurately targeting the ‘bad guys’ to keep us safe – just as with Guantanamo, the abuses behind the rhetoric have been exposed for the world to see.

We know that those ‘targeted’ include acclaimed journalists, politicians and prominent peace activists. We know that in failed attempts to kill just one named person, 76 adults and 29 children were killed. We know that to make their claims of low civilian casualties credible, the US authorities reclassify anyone in the place they want to bomb as a legitimate target.

This is the death penalty without trial. For all those who don’t want Donald Trump acting as the world’s judge, jury and executioner, this is the new frontier in global human rights – and we’re leading the way.


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