Top 6 executing countries in 2015

Top 6 executing countries in 2015

1. China

1000+ executions in 2015

Execution numbers are a state secret, so no exact figure is available, but China continues to execute more people than any other country in the world.

2. Iran

957 executions in 2015

Roughly two thirds of all hangings were for drug-related offences, with the rate of drug-related executions reaching its highest level in 16 years

3. Pakistan

322 executions in 2015

In 2015 Pakistan embarked on an unprecedented execution spree which saw it leapfrog Saudi Arabia to become the world’s third most prolific executioner

4. Saudi Arabia

158 executions in 2015

2015’s figure does not include the 47 prisoners executed on January 2nd 2016, including young protesters like Ali al-Ribh who was just 18 when he was arrested from his school

5. Iraq

Unknown number of executions in 2015

Ongoing armed conflict makes it impossible to obtain exact figures for Iraqi executions in 2015, but had the rate remained constant from 2014 execution numbers would place it 5th in the table

6. United States

28 executions in 2015

Execution numbers fell to a 27 year low after pharmaceutical companies refused to supply drugs for lethal injections, but executions continue using experimental drug cocktails