They are preparing to kill another prisoner – let’s make sure we’re ready

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By joining Reprieve, we are all standing up for those who endure extreme human rights abuses. These people have nowhere else to turn – until Reprieve’s lawyers and investigators, and thousands of supporters like you, step in to help them.

With a combination of legal action and public pressure we have accomplished so much together. This year alone:

  • We have prevented medicines being misused by executioners, halting the death penalty in all but 3 US states – this has led to the lowest execution rate in 25 years
  • We secured the release of 54 prisoners who had been sentenced to death in Malawi
  • We continued to make a huge impact on Guantánamo Bay – Shaker Aamer was finally released and returned to the UK after 13 years of wrongful imprisonment and torture
  • Our clients Emad Hassan and Younous Chekkouri were also released from Guantánamo – in total, 73 of our clients have now been released

But there is a lot more to be done in the year to come.

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2015_10_30_PUB Ali al-NimrAs you read this, the Saudi authorities are preparing to kill another prisoner – they are currently executing every 2 days. Among those facing death is Ali al-Nimr, who was just a child when he was sentenced to death by crucifixion for the ‘crime’ of protesting.


2015_03_26 PUB Andy Tsege FamilyAfter a year in secret detention, Andy Tsege has been moved to a notorious prison known as ‘Ethiopia’s gulag’, where torture of political prisoners like him is commonplace. This Christmas will be his second separated from his family in London. But just like thousands of us who have fought for Andy, his 8 year old daughter has taken action to free her dad – her letter to the Queen is enclosed.

Ali and Andy need our help, as do many others like them. Many of our clients were tortured and sentenced to death for the ‘crime’ of campaigning on issues that are important to us all – human rights, justice and democracy.

With your support, Reprieve will be there to fight for people in need, whatever happens.

Please support us at this crucial time to ensure our continued success in 2016. You can make a matched donation using the attached card, or on our website. There’s a limited amount in the matching pot, so you’ll need to donate early to ensure that your gift is doubled.

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