Tayyiba Bajwa

Tayyiba joined Reprieve in 2016 as a Bertha Fellow in the Assassinations Team. Her work is focused on identifying people on the Kill List and conducting investigation, litigation and advocacy both to protect the rights of such persons and to promote the accountability of the US and UK governments for their actions abroad.

Tayyiba Bajwa has a law degree from the University of Oxford and a Masters in International Law at the University of Cambridge, graduating in 2012. After graduation, she interned at a capital defence organisation in New Orleans, the World Health Organisation in Geneva and with a US Federal Appellate Court judge in Washington DC.

Tayyiba completed her training contract at an international law firm in London and qualified as a solicitor in 2016. Post-qualification, Tayyiba joined the Equal Rights Trust, where she coordinated and delivered a number of projects, working in partnership with local activists around the world to document human rights abuses, conduct advocacy and support strategic litigation.