Taking Kris Maharaj’s case to the appeals court

Kris Maharaj has spent nearly 30 years in a Florida prison for two murders he did not commit. In 2002, Reprieve’s work on Kris’s case led to his death sentence being quashed, but he was not freed.

Thanks to the support of many people around the world who want to see justice for Kris, we were able to take his case back to court in January 2015. We presented substantial evidence of Kris’s innocence to the Miami court, but our request to have his conviction overturned was denied.

Four people associated with the Colombian cartels said they did the murders Kris was convicted of. What more does one need to justify a new trial for Kris?
Clive Stafford Smith, Kris’s lawyer and Founder of Reprieve

We have now appealed and hope that the appeals court will reverse the decision.

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