Raise Funds for Reprieve

Image of Edward in a prison cell

Organise a screening of Fourteen Days in May

Organise a screening of the award-winning documentary Fourteen Days in May for a group – this could be at a dinner party, your school, your church or local community group.

You could charge for entry and/or have a collection to raise funds for Reprieve. And if this isn’t possible, just showing the film to a large group is a great way to spread the word about Reprieve’s work.

Just fill out this form and we will send you a free DVD, together with some leaflets and sign-up sheets so your guests can learn more about our work and join our mailing list.

About Fourteen Days in May

This documentary tells the true story of the countdown to the execution of Edward Earl Johnson, a young African-American who was put to death in the gas chamber of Mississippi’s state penitentiary on 20 May 1987.

Convicted of the murder of a white police officer, Edward protested his innocence until his death. Reprieve’s Founder and Director Clive Stafford Smith represented Edward in his final appeals and fought to save his life right up to the moment of his execution.

Get in touch with a fundraising idea

However you choose to raise funds for Reprieve, we are very grateful for your support.

If you have a fundraising idea, please let us know by contacting Courtenay.Forbes@reprieve.org.uk.

Our fundraising team would love to hear from you, and will be able to help by providing information and tips, as well as Reprieve materials. We can also help you by publicising your fundraising activities.