Save Shafqat Hussain’s Life

Image of Shafqat Hussain

At midnight on Tuesday 4th August, Shafqat Hussain is set to be executed. He was sentenced to death as a child after enduring 9 days of torture at the hands of police.

UPDATE: Shafqat was executed on 4 August, 2015. 

Under International and Pakistani law, it is illegal to sentence a minor to death. Despite this, the Pakistani government has refused to support a judicial inquiry into Shafqat’s age, and has withheld documents which could prove that he was a child at the time of the crime.

Not only that, but Shafqat’s conviction is based on evidence obtained after police brutally tortured him. After 9 days of abuse, Shafqat – a child – could take no more. He eventually signed a false confession to make his abusers stop.

Shafqat has now spent more than a decade on death row. During this time, the Pakistani authorities have tried to execute him several times. Reprieve and our supporters all over the world have managed to stop them. But last week Shafqat was issued with his seventh execution warrant, and is scheduled to die on Tuesday 4th August.

Several human rights bodies have spoken out against Shafqat’s trial and subsequent death sentence, including the UN and the Sindh Human Rights Commission. They have condemned Pakistan’s reliance on evidence extracted through torture, and have called for a full inquiry into Shafqat’s case.

Shafqat was dangerously close to execution in January, then in March, and again in June. We worked together to prevent his death, and succeeded. Please take action to save Shafqat’s life once more, and demand a full inquiry into his case.