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Linda Carty’s trial was rigged from the start – she didn’t stand a chance against the Texas authorities. They were so determined to see her executed that they threatened and blackmailed witnesses into lying in court. And because Linda couldn’t afford a good lawyer, she was forced to accept one appointed by the local court – a man so incompetent that 20 of his clients had already been sentenced to death.

Linda has been on death row for 13 years. Now, we have a real chance to save her life.

We’ve uncovered new evidence showing that her trial was deeply flawed, and we’re taking Linda’s case back to court. But we urgently need donations to fund the investigative and legal work ahead. Can you chip in now to help Linda’s appeal?

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After years of work, Reprieve’s legal team has uncovered the evidence we need – and it shatters the prosecution’s case. We have testimony from the key witnesses at Linda’s original trial that they lied, and that they did so because they were threatened and blackmailed by the prosecutor. Most importantly, the only eyewitness has also admitted that he lied in court.

Linda is a British citizen and a grandmother – and she deserves justice after 13 years on death row. On the strength of our new evidence, the court granted an evidentiary hearing. Getting a new hearing at this late stage is almost unprecedented in Texas, and we can’t stop now. If we win, Linda could finally get the fair trial that she never had.

We are determined to make sure that she gets her day in court before it’s too late.

To do that, we need to pay for our lawyers to carry out vital investigative and legal work on Linda’s case in the UK and in the US. This is an expensive process, but it will be worth it if we can save Linda’s life.

Can you chip in now to help fund Linda’s appeal?

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13 years ago Linda was on trial for her life and she had no one to defend her. Her incompetent lawyer spent just 15 minutes with her in the months leading up to her trial. He didn’t even bother to carry out the basic investigation work he was paid to do. He didn’t talk to her family or to any of the witnesses who would have testified on Linda’s behalf.

Now, Linda has supporters all over the world – and we’re determined to give her the fair trial she never had. Our legal team has uncovered the evidence we need, but we have to raise the funds to take her case to court.

Together, we can make sure that the injustice Linda suffered does not result in her death at the hands of Texas. We have to act now. Every single donation will help, so please chip in whatever you can afford to fund Linda’s appeal.

Thank you for all you do,