I Shall Not Die: Seventy-Two Hours on Death Watch – Billy Neal Moore

The powerful memoirs of Billy Neal Moore detailing his being on deathwatch with only seventy-two hours to live, makes this a breathtaking saga of one man’s journey deep behind the veil of execution protocol.

Billy Neal Moore’s story is of a confessed, and convicted murder who was sentenced to die in Georgia’s electric chair in 1974. Overcome with remorse and grief for his crime, he wrote letters to members of the victim’s family, apologising for his crime. They were so moved by his sincere sorrow, that they had compassion on him forgave him, and continued to correspond with him for sixteen years.

After sixteen and a half years on death-row, Billy’s life was spared seven hours prior to the execution. At the impassion pleas of the victim’s family and the unexpected intervention of Mother Theresa, Billy’s death sentence was commuted by the Georgia Board of Pardons.


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