Trump’s Guantanamo comments undermine the rule of law – Reprieve

November 2, 2017

Image of Donald Trump

Commenting on President Trump’s tweets today on the suspect in this week’s New York terrorist attack, Bella Sankey – a deputy director at human rights organization Reprieve – said:

“The senseless violence we’ve seen on the streets of New York is designed to terrorize and provoke. In these moments, our elected representatives are put to the test – and President Trump is failing badly.


“His knee-jerk threat to send Saipov to Guantanamo, and his running commentary since, reveal he knows little about the American justice system. This is not how matters of national security or justice should be handled in a country founded on the rule of law.


“The detention of Brigadier General John Baker this week shows Guantanamo for the chaotic legal black hole that it is. Those around Trump must tell him to stop tweeting, show some real leadership and close the prison for good.”


Notes to Editors:

1. Reprieve is an international human rights organization. Reprieve’s London office can be contacted on:, or +44 (0)207 553 8140.

2.  Reprieve assists several prisoners who are held without charge or trial at Guantanamo Bay. Some are currently on hunger strike in peaceful protest against their detention.

3. Mr Trump’s comments on New York City terror suspect Sayfullo Saipov were widely reported, including by the New York Times, here. The President tweeted today that he “would love to send the NYC terrorist to Guantanamo.”

4. Details of the detention of Brigadier General John Baker at Guantanamo were reported by the Miami Herald, here.