Trump’s first 100 days marked by secret strikes and civilian deaths

April 28, 2017

Image of children playing with rocks

Commenting on President Trump’s first 100 days in office, Kate Higham, Assassinations Project Lead at human rights organization Reprieve said:

“President Trump has used his first 100 days in office to ramp up a failed, Obama-era policy of secret strikes around the world. Trump could have reversed this disastrous policy – instead, he has ramped it up, killing innocent children in countries like Yemen.

“The US assassination programme is illegal and unconstitutional – it is the death penalty without trial, on a global scale.

“Secret operations that kill kids will do nothing to make Americans safer. The Trump Administration must urgently halt and review the US policy of global strikes – while America’s allies, such as the UK, must urge the White House to change course.”


Notes to editors

1. Reprieve is an international human rights organization. Reprieve US, based in New York City, can be contacted on Katherine [dot] oshea [at] / +1 917 855 8064. Reprieve’s London office can be contacted on: communications [at] / +44 (0) 7792 351 660.

2. International human rights organization Reprieve, which assists the civilian victims of covert US strikes, has established that at least 23 civilians were killed during a raid on a village in Yemen in January. Among the civilian dead were a newborn baby, an eight year old girl, and an 80-year-old tribal elder.

3. Research by Reprieve has found that secret attacks by the US in countries including Yemen have frequently missed their target. For example, past US attempts to target 41 named individuals led to the deaths of 1,147 unknown people – often leaving the ‘target’ unharmed.