Proposal for Guantanamo on US soil is despicable – Reprieve

August 28, 2015

Image of a man in prison

Commenting on reports that President Obama is considering building a brand new Guantanamo Bay facility on US soil, Katie Taylor – Deputy Director of the Guantanamo team at Reprieve, said:

“‘If at first you don’t succeed’ might be a good motto for life. But it is a terrible motto when it comes to prison camps. Guantanamo the first time around was an unadulterated disaster, and the idea of simply moving it from the Caribbean to US soil would be laughable if it weren’t so despicable. Detention without trial is an affront to justice wherever it takes place. There are countries ready and able to accept detainees who have been cleared and it is on this that the US administration must place their focus. Guantanamo should never have been opened, and if Obama doesn’t want it to haunt his legacy he must fulfil his initial promise and close it once and for all.”


Notes to editors

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