Lithuania’s CIA prison investigation ‘small step’ after ‘years of foot-dragging’ – Reprieve

April 2, 2015

Reuters has today reported that Lithuanian prosecutors have reopened an investigation into secret CIA prisons – or ‘black sites’ – which the country hosted as part of the US Agency’s rendition and torture programme. Lithuania had closed a previous probe into the matter in 2011. The re-opening of the investigation follows the submission by international legal charity Reprieve of a dossier to Lithuanian prosecutors in January this year, which detailed evidence of CIA black sites hosted by the country.

Commenting, Reprieve legal director, Kat Craig said: “While this is a small step in the right direction, it remains the case that Lithuania has for years dragged its feet when it comes to investigating CIA torture sites on its soil.

“Now that the US Senate has clearly established that the CIA did indeed hold prisoners in the country, the Lithuanian Government’s 2011 conclusion that there was ‘nothing to see here’ is even more difficult to understand. Lithuania must publish the findings and conclusions of its previous investigation in full, in order to explain how it managed to get things so wrong in the past.”


Notes to editors

1. For further information, please contact Reprieve’s press office.

2. For the report on today’s reopening of the investigation, see: ‘Exclusive: Lithuania prosecutors restart investigation into CIA jail,’ Reuters, Apr 2 2015.

3. Information on the dossier of new evidence Reprieve submitted to the Lithuanian authorities in January 2015 can be found on Reprieve’s website.