Karl Andree news welcome, but Saudi juveniles still face execution

October 28, 2015

Commenting on the UK Foreign Secretary’s announcement that Briton Karl Andree will be released from prison in Saudi Arabia within a week, Kate Higham, caseworker at international legal organisation Reprieve said:

“This is of course welcome news, which must come as a great relief for Mr Andree and his family – and the Foreign Secretary deserves credit for raising this case.  But we need to remember that many other victims of serious abuses by the Saudi Government remain in prison.  Among them are Ali al-Nimr and Dawood al-Marhoun, who were sentenced to death as children for involvement in political protests – and still face execution at any time.  We very much hope that the Foreign Secretary found time to raise their cases with the Saudi authorities, and press for their release.  As a close ally of Saudi Arabia, the UK has a responsibility to make clear that handing death sentences to children and political protesters is completely unacceptable.”