Tunisian Hisham Sliti released from Guantánamo Bay

November 21, 2014

Image of detainees in Guantanamo bay

A 48 year-old Tunisian has today been released from Guantánamo Bay after 13 years imprisoned without charge or trial.

Hisham Sliti, who is represented by Reprieve, has been resettled in Eastern Europe along with 4 other detainees.

Hisham was sold for a bounty to Pakistani soldiers in December 2001 before being handed to US forces in January 2002 and tortured over four months in Kandahar, Afghanistan. He was transferred to Guantánamo in May 2002.

Whilst in Guantánamo, Hisham spent years in isolation and suffered abuse. One interrogator, nicknamed “King Kong”, threw a mini-fridge at Hisham, striking him in the face and leaving visible scars.

Reprieve attorney Cori Crider said: “I first met Hisham seven years ago. He no more belonged in prison then than today. This is a welcome day, if long overdue, and Hisham is looking forward to rebuilding his life and starting a family. Let us hope that the dozens of other cleared men left in Gitmo will soon follow.”


Notes to editors

1. For more information on Hisham Sliti please  see http://www.reprieve.org.uk/cases/hishamsliti/, or contact Reprieve’s press office: (UK) +44 207 553 8160 or (US) 001 (917) 855 8064.