Further evidence on rendition complicity “should certainly come out,” says Ex-UK Foreign Secretary

August 10, 2014

David Miliband, who as UK Foreign Secretary was forced to admit that the CIA had used British territory for ‘rendition’ flights, has left open the possibility that further evidence of such involvement could emerge.

 In an interview with today’s Observer, Mr Miliband said that “We were told absolutely [by the US that] there had only been two [rendition] flights that went through Diego Garcia,” but added that, “if that’s not the case, it should certainly come out.”

Mr Miliband was responding to questions over the UK’s support for secretive CIA flights which were used to transfer prisoners to countries where they could be subjected to torture, as part of its ‘rendition’ programme – which is now the subject of a major report by a US Senate Committee.

Earlier this month, it emerged that the British Government has been “making representations” to the US regarding the content of the report, leading to concerns that it has been attempting to censor aspects relating to the UK’s role in the rendition programme.

Extra weight has been given to these concerns by leaks to the media earlier this year which indicated that new information concerning the role of Diego Garcia – a British-owned island in the Indian Ocean – would emerge in the report compiled by the US Senate’s Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI).

Commenting, Donald Campbell from legal charity Reprieve said: “When a former Foreign Secretary who was so closely involved with issues around rendition leaves open the possibility that we have not been told the whole truth, alarm bells should ring.  We already know that the UK has been attempting to censor the Senate’s report on CIA torture, in an attempt to keep Britain’s role out of the public domain.  Mr Miliband’s suggestion that there may be more revelations to come only reinforces these concerns.  The UK Government must stop trying to sweep its role in CIA renditions under the carpet.”


1. For further information, please contact Donald Campbell: +44 (0) 7791 755 415 / Donald.campbell@reprieve.org.uk

2. Mr Miliband’s comments can be found in today’s Observer.

3. Further information on the representations made by the UK to the US concerning the Senate report can be found here: http://www.reprieve.org.uk/press/2014_08_04_diego_garcia_senate_report_uk_complicit/