Guantánamo hunger-striker seeks restraining order after wheelchair is confiscated and filming of force-feeding sessions is cancelled

June 17, 2014

Image depicting force-feeding of Mos Def

Attorneys for Syrian hunger-striker Abu Wa-el Dhiab have filed an emergency motion to federal court in the force-feeding case Dhiab v Obama.

The motion, which was declassified this morning and may be read or downloaded below, is in response to a declaration (also declassified and available below) by a fellow prisoner, Ahmed Rabbani, whose cell is nearby Mr Dhiab’s.

Mr Rabbani describes how Mr Dhiab’s wheelchair was confiscated, and how when he was then unable to walk to force-feeding sessions he was subjected to Forcible Cell Extraction, whereby a team in riot gear storms the prisoner’s cell and man-handles him to the force-feeding chair.

Mr Rabbani also describes how the prison authorities suddenly stopped filming the force-feeding sessions, apparently in response to the litigation in which the court ordered them to be produced as evidence.


Notes to editors

1. Abu Wa’el Dhiab is represented by the lawyers at the non-profit Reprieve.  Today’s unclassified declaration and emergency motion can be downloaded or read below. For more information please contact Katherine O’Shea 917 855 8064.