Citizenship-stripping plans dangerous & must be stopped

January 30, 2014

British MPs today voted in favour of a measure which would allow the Home Secretary to strip people of their citizenship, even if doing so would leave them stateless.  The Home Secretary would be able to do so without having to go through any legal process. 

The measure was passed by a majority of 297 to 34, even though the proposal was only announced at the last minute.

Responding, Reprieve legal director, Kat Craig said:

“It is shocking that the Commons has nodded through a proposal as far-reaching and dangerous as this with so little consideration.  It would give the Home Secretary the power to tear up the passport of a British citizen without any due process – leaving them stateless. 

“This will effectively leave people – who may have arrived in Britain at a young age and always called it home – on parole for the rest of their lives, vulnerable to having their citizenship revoked at the whim of the Home Secretary.  It is an ill-conceived, dangerous piece of law which must be stopped when it reaches the Lords.”