President Obama must ‘show some spine’ on Guantanamo closure

June 17, 2013

Image of a man, distraught, clutching to the bars of his prison cell

Commenting on today’s expected announcement that President Obama will appoint Washington lawyer Clifford Sloan as diplomatic envoy for the closure of the prison camp at Guantanamo Bay, Reprieve’s strategic director and Guantanamo attorney, Cori Crider, said:

‘We’re glad that President Obama has re-opened the State Department office. It never should have been closed. But until the White House itself takes charge of its policy to close Guantanamo, and uses the power it has to get men who have been cleared for release home to US allies, people just are not going to move. Barack Obama could direct National Security waivers to be signed tomorrow to send Shaker Aamer home to his family in the UK – this sort of thing doesn’t need a new appointment, it needs the President to show some spine.”


Notes to editors

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