Outrage over UK Government’s secretive ‘citizenship stripping’ programme

February 28, 2013

Commenting on today’s story from The Bureau of Investigative Journalism in the Independent, Reprieve’s Legal Director Kat Craig said:

“This is shocking evidence of an evolving and deeply secretive pattern of citizenship stripping by this Government as part of the ‘war on terror’.”

“All those at risk of this practice, including those who were born and raised in this country, have never been charged with any crime. The revocation of their citizenship is carried out behind closed doors by the Home Secretary without any sort of due process or transparency. Worse still, some have subsequently been killed in US drone strikes or rendered to secret locations where they are interrogated by the FBI. These people have been betrayed by their own government – whose duty it is to protect them, not throw them under a bus in order to help powerful allies, whilst avoiding any sort of public scrutiny or legal accountability.”

The story in today’s Independent can be found here.