Families of children killed in drone strikes demand UN intervention to stop Pakistan attacks

February 23, 2012

Image of a drone flying

Relatives of children killed and injured by CIA drone strikes in Pakistan have today filed a complaint against the USA with the United Nations.

Legal action charity Reprieve, acting on behalf of more than a dozen Pakistani families who have lost loved ones in drone strikes, is asking the UN’s Human Rights Council to condemn the attacks as illegal human rights violations. The families, who between them have lost children, siblings and parents to the CIA’s covert programme, say that the strikes violate their rights under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights – a treaty which has been signed and ratified by the US.

Amongst the victims whose families are taking action are:

  • Maezol Khan, whose eight-year-old son was killed when a missile fragment flew into the courtyard where he was sleeping
  • Fahim Qureshi, an eighth-grade student who lost his eyesight and hearing in one ear in a strike which also killed one of his classmates and a number of his relatives
  • Noor Khan, who is planning to sue the UK for its involvement in a drone strike on a loya jirga – a peaceful townhall meeting – which killed his father