Gaddafi opponent responds to UK Police announcement of rendition investigation

January 12, 2012

Image of Abdul-hakim Belhaj

Today, British Police announced that they intend to investigate UK complicity in the rendition of Gaddafi’s opponents back to pre-revolutionary Libya. A few hours ago, Abdel Hakim Belhadj [pictured], a Gaddafi opponent who was rendered back to Libya in 2004 – along with his pregnant wife – by British agents and the CIA, provided the following response:

“I was glad to see today’s decision by the British Police and the Crown Prosecution Service to investigate my torture, and I stand ready to cooperate.  As I have always said, I believe the new Libya and the United Kingdom must forge a positive relationship looking forward – but to start on a good footing, Libyans need justice for the crimes of the past.  My rendition was a harrowing experience.  To this day, I cannot understand why my pregnant wife was put on the same plane and abused as well.  I trust the police will get to the bottom of this, and find not just the rank-and-file agents, but those ministers who were truly responsible for her suffering.”