Press conference today in Warsaw: lawyers fight to hold officials accountable for CIA torture on Polish soil

December 16, 2010

International lawyers will today launch legal action in Poland on behalf of Abu Zubaydah, the first victim of the CIA’s experimental torture programme, regarding crimes committed in the CIA’s ‘most important’ secret prison in Stare Kiejkuty, Poland.

Polish lawyer Bartlomiej Jankowski — in cooperation with the British human rights charities INTERIGHTS and Reprieve as well as U.S. lawyers Joseph Margulies and Brent Mickum — today begins a legal battle to hold officials accountable for their key contribution to the CIA’s extraordinary rendition and enhanced interrogation programme.

Two applications for former ‘high-value detainee’ Abu Zubaydah, lodged with the Appeals Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw and District Prosecutor in Mazury, provide official notification of crimes committed against him whilst he was held by the CIA in Poland, and request that Mr Zubaydah be formally recognized as a victim in the ongoing investigation into abuse of office by Polish officials, and any criminal investigations that may follow. 

Press conference: 2pm, Thursday 16th December 2010, PAP Press Center, ul. Bracka 6/8, 00-502 Warsaw, Poland




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