Secret paragraph in Binyam Mohamed judgment published

February 26, 2010

The Appeal Court today published their original judgment in the Binyam Mohamed case, revealing controversial paragraph that the Foreign Office’s barrister sought to suppress. 

The judges also decided to restore most of the altered paragraph to their final judgment in the case.

Cori Crider, Legal Director at Reprieve, said: 

“The sun shone on open justice today. Throughout this process the judges have shown the utmost integrity and concern for the public interest—one hopes the UK justices’ brethren across the sea are taking notes.  

“Now that the paragraph has been largely restored, questions linger. Of course Witness B acted inappropriately—but who was directing Witness B in Pakistan? What policies allowed such complicity in torture? How many cases like Binyam’s were there? We know of Shaker Aamer, Rangzieb Ahmed, and the list seems to grow by the day. Only a full public inquiry will answer the public’s concerns about what has been done in our name.”

The judgment is attached.