Parliamentarians, Member of Congress, and US military lawyer Lt Col Yvonne Bradley hold a day of events to raise the issue of torture in the case of Binyam Mohamed

February 10, 2009

Lt Col Yvonne Bradley, the military counsel for British resident Binyam Mohamed, will tomorrow meet with parliamentarians and senior government figures in order to secure his release from Guantánamo Bay, and ensure that the public has the right to know about his torture.

The schedule is:

10:30 Press Conference Methodist Hall. Hosted by David Davis MP. The press conference will lay out the agenda for the day. Dave Davis, Col. Bradley, & Clive Stafford Smith will outline the revelations are expected later in the day.

13:20 Meeting with David Miliband Foreign Office — privateTo discuss the release of Binyam Mohamed from Guantanamo Bay

14:30 Intelligence and Security Committee meeting – privateTo discuss the case of Binyam Mohamed and revelations of torture disclosed in the recent UK judgment

16.00 UK Court decision Courtroom 7, Royal Courts of Justice — public Ruling from the Judges following up on last week’s judgment

17:00 All Party Parliamentary Group Attlee Suite — publicSubmissions before the APPG (jointly chaired by Andrew Tyrie MP and Chris Mullin MP) from Lt. Col. Yvonne Bradley, Hon. Bill Delahunt (Chairman, US House Subcommittee on Human Rights), David Rose, former UK intelligence agent, Clive Stafford Smith and others.

Lt. Col. Yvonne spent today at meeting Members of Parliament including David Davis, Patrick Mercer and William Hague, together with the Parliamentary Human Rights Group. She also met with Karen Buck, Binyam Mohamed’s MP.

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