Pakistan stays execution of mentally ill prisoner

Image of a man behind bars with a graphic of a brain with a noose

To all those who spoke out to defend Imdad Ali,

Today, Pakistan’s Supreme Court has stayed Imdad Ali’s execution – with just days to go until his scheduled hanging.

This exceptional case has drawn attention from around the world, and I want to thank everyone who has been part of the campaign to save Imdad’s life. In an incredible show of support and solidarity, 30,799 of us signed the petition calling on the Pakistani authorities to halt this cruel and illegal execution.

Today’s decision is a great relief, but it’s not over yet – the Court will now review its ruling on the execution of the mentally ill.

This is a rare positive development in a death penalty case in Pakistan, and it allows us the opportunity to keep fighting for Imdad. 

Our lawyers and caseworkers are already working with our partners in Pakistan to prepare his defence for the hearing later this month – the work my team are doing for Imdad is entirely funded by people like you, and, again, I want to thank you.


The Reprieve lawyers, investigators and caseworkers who work on Imdad’s case are entirely funded by those who oppose his execution.

Donate now to fund the defence of Imdad and many others like him.

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There is much work still to be done to save Imdad’s life, and we may all need to speak out again if the Court does not heed international and Pakistani law.

But, for now, we should all remember that a severely mentally ill and vulnerable man was scheduled to die in just two days time, that now he is not, and that without all of us, he would have had no one to defend him.

Thank you for being part of it.

Maya Foa
Director, Reprieve