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Saving Linda Carty from execution in Texas

2010_07_21_PUB_Linda Carty at Mountainview Unit by Mary FitzgeraldLinda Carty had no one to defend her when she was sentenced to death by the state of Texas.

Now, Linda has supporters all over the world – and we’re determined to give her the fair trial she never had.


  • Our legal team has uncovered the evidence we need to take Linda’s case back to court – evidence that shatters the prosecution’s case
  • We have testimony from the key witnesses that they lied at her trial, and that they did so because they were threatened and blackmailed by the prosecution
  • This may be our last chance to save Linda’s life, and we urgently need donations to fund the investigative and legal work ahead

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Every single donation will help, but monthly donations are particularly important. We rely on people who have the compassion and insight to understand that what we do is important, and with monthly donations we can take on cases like Linda’s knowing that we will have the funds to see them though, no matter how long it takes.

You can make a difference. Join the fight against extreme human rights abuses today.

It is everyone’s worst nightmare to be executed for a crime they did not commit. I am living that nightmare.
Linda Carty, speaking from death row in Texas