The child taken to Guantánamo, now rebuilding his life

Mohammed el Gharani was just 14 years old when he was abducted and taken to Guantánamo Bay, but we secured his freedom in 2009 and have helped him rebuild his life ever since. He was one of 15 children held and abused by the US authorities in Guantánamo

In this short video, Mohammed talks about Guantánamo, meeting his lawyer Clive Stafford Smith for the first time, and how Reprieve brought him hope during the darkest times

“I am free now. I enjoy being free… freedom is beautiful.”
Mohammed el Gharani


Mohammed with books sent by Reprieve supporters

Mohammed was held without trial and abused behind the gates of Guantánamo for 7 years. But when we took up his case, we made sure the world knew his story – that he had been wrongfully imprisoned, that the Americans had not once treated him like the child he was, that they abused him in the same way as all the other prisoners.

Then our lawyers fought for him in the US courts and secured his release. Once he was free, Reprieve supporters sent him books so he could get the education he missed out on while in Guantánamo and got together to pay for the emergency medical treatment he needed. Our Life After Guantánamo Team continues to help him to rebuild his life.

There is no better way to demonstrate why our work is so vital than to see the impact we have on the lives of people like Mohammed – it’s a good reminder of why we do it, and why we must continue.