Free My Daddy

Watch Andy Tsege’s 9 year old daughter Menabe on ITV’s Good Morning Britain talking about her father’s kidnap.

Menabe wrote to the Prime Minister and the Queen to ask for more help in getting her father released from prison in Ethiopa, where he is being held under sentence of death for criticising the Ethiopian government.

She has a clear message for the UK government:

If someone is a British citizen, they deserve the protection of the UK government, and they’re not doing that for my father.
Menabe Andargachew  

What can we do?

Join over 12,000 people and go on record to demand Andy’s freedom.

Yes, I’ll go on record

We know the impact a demand from a country on behalf of its citizen can have in a case like this – for Andy, it could mean the difference between life and death. And we can’t see why the government is not living up to its responsibilities.

If Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond won’t do the right thing and demand Andy’s release, then it’s up to all of us – the British people. That’s why we’re creating a register of everyone who is willing go on record and demand Andy’s freedom.

DSC_0918Will you join over 12,000 others and go on record to demand Andy’s freedom?

Yes, I’ll go on record

For too long now, Philip Hammond has asked the Ethiopian government for vague commitments to ‘due process’ for Andy. The Ethiopians have refused to promise any such thing. Mr Hammond knows this. He knows too that ‘due process’ is impossible for Andy – he has been kidnapped, tortured and sentenced to death without even appearing before a court. Now, he could be executed at any moment – simply for his political beliefs.

Every person who is willing to go on record will make our call on the Ethiopian government stronger. And it will show Philip Hammond that he needs to prove he’s serious about protecting British citizens. We hope he will follow our lead when he visits Ethiopia, and make a demand directly to the authorities who are holding Andy.

DSC_0799After Andy’s kidnap, his family came to Reprieve for help. His partner and three young children desperately want him home. Every single one of us can help Andy and his family right now by going on record to demand his freedom.

If one of us were kidnapped and tortured by another country, we would want as many people as possible to come to our aid – thanks to us, that’s what Andy will get.

2015_10_20_PUB Web Banner Andy with Kids

Join over 12,000 people and go on record to demand Andy’s freedom.

Yes, I’ll go on record