Emily McNally

Emily McNally is the Legal & Policy Officer at Reprieve. She works on the Stop the Lethal Injection Project (SLIP) and the Stop Aid for Executions (SAFE) Project.

In her work on the SLIP project, Emily engages with pharmaceutical manufacturers and their investors to help them prevent medicines being misused in lethal injection executions.

Emily’s work on the SAFE project focuses on researching and exposing instances where UK foreign assistance has enabled death sentences and executions in countries that continue to practice capital punishment.

Prior to joining Reprieve, Emily worked as an intellectual property paralegal for the UN Food and Agricultural Organisation and as a Research & Information Officer for UNICEF Canada. As a student, she worked part time at a municipal shelter for refugees.

Having obtaining an MA in Postcolonial Theory and a BA in Political Science from the University of Toronto, Emily went on to gain a law degree from the University of Cambridge.