dyncorpint_jpg_240x360_q85DynCorp International LLC was first established through Land-Air Inc. and California Eastern Airways, an air freight and aircraft maintenance company respectively, founded in 1946. The name changed to Dynalectron Corporation in 1962 and again to DynCorp in 1987. In 1998, DynCorp established DynCorp Technical Services (DTS) and transferred existing aerospace and international contracts to this subsidiary. In 2000, DynCorp established DynCorp International LLC. Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) acquired DynCorp in March 2003.

Documents on file with Reprieve indicate that DynCorp Systems and Solutions LLC became involved with the renditions, secret detention and torture programme in 2002. In June of that year, DynCorp signed contract LT050602 with brokers Capital Aviation to provide a Gulfstream Jet, N85VM managed by Richmor Aviation, to their client, the US Government. In the source of this contract N85VM was used for numerous missions to Guantánamo Bay and secret prison sites around the world.

After buying DynCorp International and its subsidiaries in 2003, CSC resold them in 2004-5.

In response to revelations in August 2011 about the role of DynCorp in rendition missions, the currently-existing company named “DynCorp International” stated to the Business and Human Rights Resource Centre:

““DynCorp” is an entity owned by CSC that is still listed among their “Significant Active Subsidiaries and Affiliates” in their most recent 10K (please see the most recent 10K, posted on the CSC website), and is unrelated to our company “DynCorp International.”

Background on ownership: In February 2005, CSC sold portions of DynCorp but retained ownership of “DynCorp” and several other DynCorp entities. The portions that were sold became what is today DynCorp International, while much of the original DynCorp remains with CSC.”


DynCorp Systems & Solutions LLC, National Security Programs, 6101 Stevenson Avenue, Alexandria, Virginia 22304, USA