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Reprieve works all over the world to fight on behalf of victims of human rights abuses such as the death penalty, torture, assassinations, rendition and illegal imprisonment.

We combine public pressure from people all over the world with legal action by the lawyers and investigators – the result is lives saved, executions stopped and human rights protected.

What we do works. We’ve saved over 400 people from execution and help countless others get justice against the governments who’ve abused them. But to continue saving lives and fighting injustice, we need your support.

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A regular monthly donation by direct debit helps us to take on new urgent cases so that we can always help those who need us most.

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A one-off donation helps us fund our most urgent legal actions and investigations for existing clients and victims of human rights abuses.


Could help pay for a mental health assessment for a death row prisoner in Pakistan.


Could help pay for Clive to travel from Miami to the south Florida prison were innocent Brit Kris Maharaj is still unfairly held.


Could help pay for a local investigator to visit the sites of drones strikes in Yemen to talk to civilian victims.

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Donate by post

To make a donation by post, please send a cheque made out to Reprieve to:

PO Box 72054
London EC3P 3BZ

Donate by phone

To make a donation by credit or debit card over the phone, please call 0207 553 8140 to speak to our Resource Development Team. We are usually available between 9:30am-6:00pm.

Where does your money go?

Reprieve’s accounts are available on the charity commission website. For every £1 donated, we on average spend 85p on our charitable aims of fighting for victims of human rights abuses. The remaining 15p is spent raising necessary funds for us to continue to operate to the best of our ability or is retained for future use.