The Videos

Reprieve’s videos tell the stories of prisoners who have faced or are facing execution with the help of some of our talented supporters.

Watch Rory Bremner take on Boris Johnson over the British dad on death row in Ethiopia, David Morrissey delivering the words of an artist executed in Pakistan, and David Tennant and others performing the last words of executed prisoners around the world.

Also see Reprieve founder Clive Stafford Smith and director Maya Foa answering frequently asked questions on capital punishment. Why is the death penalty so bad? What does Reprieve do about it? And what can the public do to help?


  • Death Penalty FAQs

    Why defend people on death row? What if someone’s guilty? Clive Stafford Smith and Maya Foa answer frequently asked questions.

  • “I just received my Black Warrant."

    David Morrissey reads the words of Aftab Bahadur, an artist executed in Pakistan.

  • Last Words

    David Tennant and others read the last words of past and present prisoners on death row.

  • Bring Andy Home

    Rory Bremner contrasts Boris Johnson's words and actions on the case of Andy Tsege, a British dad on death row in Ethiopia.