The Countries

At the end of 2016, 57 countries still actively used the death penalty. A further 30 retain the death penalty in law, but have not used it in over 10 years; 7 others retain the death penalty for use only in extreme cases such as war crimes. 104 countries, more than half of the world, have abolished the use of the death penalty for all crimes.

Reprieve campaigns against the death penalty in countries across the globe, from the United States to Indonesia. We specialise in working on cases that amount to the most extreme abuses of human rights, such as the execution of political activists, the mentally ill, and children.

Below, we spotlight how just some of the countries we work on use the death penalty.

Spotlight on the executioners

  • Spotlight on Saudi Arabia

    Beheading in Chop Chop Square, crucifixion and juvenile executions. ‘Crimes’ punishable by death include adultery and apostasy.

  • Spotlight on Bahrain

    Bahrain has made a dangerous return to the death penalty, carrying out their first executions in 7 years this January.

  • Spotlight on Egypt

    Reprieve has been tracking the dramatic rise in death sentences in Egypt, including the case of Irish schoolchild Ibrahim Halawa.

  • Spotlight on Pakistan

    Since resuming executions in December 2014, the Pakistani authorities have gone on an unprecedented killing spree.