Dan Dolan

S0220685Dan Dolan is Reprieve’s Head of Policy. Dan works on the Stop the Lethal Injection Project (SLIP) and the Stop Aid for Executions (SAFE) Project.

In his work on the SLIP project, Dan engages with drug manufacturers and their investors to help them prevent medicines reaching US prisons for use in executions. This involves close collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry, the investment community, policymakers and press.

Dan’s work on the SAFE project focuses on tracking and exposing instances where European Governments’ overseas aid has enabled death sentences and executions in countries which continue to practice capital punishment. As part of this work he has co-authored a report illustrating the links between European counternarcotics aid and executions for drug offences in states receiving this support.

Prior to joining Reprieve Dan was a consultant in corporate communications, where his work included campaigns to encourage mining companies to live up to their responsibilities on the issue of conflict minerals, and convincing pension funds to divest from fossil fuel companies with poor environmental records. He has also worked as a freelance journalist in Beirut, Lebanon, covering culture, media and technology.

Dan graduated from the London School of Economics with a BSc in Government.