Sharif Mobley

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Image of Mobley and his daughter

Sharif Mobley is a father of three from New Jersey who is held in Yemen. He is at risk of the death penalty.

Sharif was living with his family in Yemen in 2009, when the security situation in the country deteriorated. The family felt unsafe, and planned to go home to the United States. However, they were unable to leave after the American Embassy officials refused to process the family’s papers.

Sharif’s ordeal began in January 2010 when he was kidnapped by unidentified gunmen from outside his house in Sana’a, shot in the leg and held incommunicado for several months. During his detention, Sharif was shackled to a bed for 24 hours a day and beaten.

Logs released under a US Freedom of Information request revealed that two US agents interrogated Mr Mobley in secret detention. They identified themselves only as “Matt from the FBI and Khan from DoD.” They told him that he would be raped in prison, that his wife would be abducted, that his children would be put in an orphanage and that he would never see his family again. They dangled the keys to his house in his face; he was terrified for his wife’s safety.

When Sharif’s wife reported his kidnap to the US embassy, their family home was raided in the middle of the night. She and their two children were held at gunpoint and strip-searched.

Since mid-2010, Sharif has faced charges relating to the death of a Yemeni police officer in the course of an alleged escape attempt from the hospital where he was being detained. At several points, he has been disappeared into secret detention and was denied access to his legal team.

In 2015, following a trial that was riddled with irregularities and due process violations, Sharif was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Despite serious concerns about his safety, Sharif’s sentence has been appealed and a harsher punishment demanded. Should he lose this appeal, Sharif could face the death penalty.

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