Said Farhi

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Image of prisoners in Guantanamo

Said Farhi travelled to Afghanistan in the hope of getting married, but fled when the US bombing began in 2001. He was captured, sold for a bounty and taken to Guantánamo Bay. He was held there for 9 years.

Said was born in Algeria and served in the military as a young man, which he hated. On false papers he travelled to London and while praying in a mosque, was told that if he travelled to Afghanistan, he would meet a Swedish woman willing to marry him and give him the European status he so desperately hoped for.

Said had spent a very short time in Afghanistan when the events of 9/11 made it extremely dangerous. He fled across the border to Pakistan, but was captured and sold to US forces for a bounty. He was then taken to Guantánamo and held for 9 years. He strongly denied any links to terrorism of any kind and was eventually cleared for release by the US authorities.

On January 5 2011, the US repatriated Said Farhi to Algeria, despite his pending appeal to the US Supreme Court.

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