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In 2002, the United States Central Intelligence Agency began using private contractors to transport prisoners to secret “black sites” around the world, where they were held incommunicado, interrogated and tortured.

Reprieve has been investigating this network of corporate complicity – companies, some small, some large, which were paid by the US to provide logistical support to the CIA – to work, as Dick Cheney said, “on the dark side”.

On this site we give details of the involvement of corporations in the secret prisons programme: including prime contractors Computer Sciences Corporation and DynCorp, aircraft brokers, plane operators and trip planners. We show how these companies worked together to facilitate an illegal prisoner transport network; how much money they spent and made; who invests in them and how they are linked to one another.

We also show how they have responded to Reprieve’s investigation. Crucially: have they signed our “Zero Tolerance for Torture” pledge and promised that, regardless of what happened in the past, they will not in the future be complicit in serious human rights abuses?

Sadly, a decade later, many people transported by CSC and other companies to secret US prison sites are still held in Guantánamo Bay, uncharged and untried – despite President Obama’s commitment to shut it down in January 2009.

Reprieve’s Renditions Inc. investigation has so far focused on:

Computer Sciences Corporation


Universal Weather and Aviation

Rockwell Collins

Richmor Aviation

Highlighted missions are:

3-6 Dec. 2002: Rendition of Abu Zubaydah and Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri from Thailand to Poland

CSC-contracted trips to Romania, 2004-2005

N982RK, 25-29 May 2004: Rendition of Khaled el-Masri from Afghanistan to Albania

N982RK, 8-11 June 2004 and the aborted rendition of Laid Saidi

N63MU, 20-24 August 2004: Rendition of 3 Libyan dissidents to Gaddafi

CSC’s covert flights through Lithuania, 2005-2006

N308AB, 23-28 August 2004: Laidi Saidi’s rendition to Algeria

Further releases of documentation are in preparation.

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