Neil Revill

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Image of Neil Revill

Durham-born Neil Revill avoided a death sentence in California, after prosecutors agreed not to seek the death penalty in his case.

Neil was born in County Durham in August 1972 and spent his school years travelling between Royal Air Force bases in Germany and England, where his father was stationed. By 1998, he was living in Los Angeles, California.

In October 2001 a small time drug dealer, Arthur Davodian, and his girlfriend, Kimberley Crayton, were stabbed to death. According to the prosecution, Neil was the last person to be seen with the couple and he was charged with their murder. Neil has always maintained his innocence.

Reprieve worked closely with Neil’s public defenders and with the British Government to secure an agreement from the prosecution that they would take the death penalty off the table.

In March 2011, Neil was convicted and was sentenced to mandatory life imprisonment.

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