Mohammed Ramadhan

Image of Mohameds kids holding a photo of him

In February 2014, Mohammed was arrested from Bahrain International Airport, where he worked as a police officer. He was accused of involvement in an attack on other police officers, despite a total lack of evidence tying him to the crime. In reality, Mohammed is an innocent man who was arrested in retaliation for his attendance at peaceful pro-democracy demonstrations.

Following his arrest, Mohammed was brutally tortured by police into signing a false confession, despite his innocence. During his initial detention, police officers told Mohammed outright that they knew he was innocent, but were punishing him as a traitor for attending pro-democracy demonstrations.

During his entire detention, Mohammed has never been allowed to meet with his lawyer. The day Mohammed’s trial began was the first time he ever saw his lawyer’s face. In that trial, he was convicted and sentenced to death almost solely on the basis of confessions extracted through prolonged torture. All of Mohammed’s legal appeals have now been exhausted, and his execution may be carried out any day.

About Mohammed Ramadhan

Nearly every aspect of Mohammed’s arrest, detention and trial has breached basic international human rights law. He has been tortured, refused access to legal counsel, and convicted in a trial that relied on evidence elicited through torture. He has been afforded no semblance of due process. Yet Mohammed, who is a father to three young children, now faces imminent execution.

Reprieve is working with Mohammed’s family to secure the commutation of his death sentence.

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