Meqdad Tuaiman

Image of Meqdad Tuaiman with his children

Meqdad Tuiman and two of his children (Photograph: National Organisation for Drone Victims)

Meqdad Tuaiman is a father from Mareb, Yemen. Several members of his family have been killed by secret US drone strikes. Meqdad is terrified that he or his children could be next.

Meqdad’s father Saleh and brother Jalal, 17, were killed in US drone strikes in 2011, during the Obama presidency. In 2015, his younger brother Mohammed – then aged 13 – was also killed by a US strike. Before his death, Mohammed had filmed an account of his life under drones for the Guardian.

In January 2017 the Trump Administration launched a series of covert strikes in the neighbouring town of Yakla, killing at least 25 civilians – including women and children. The Tuaiman family believes they are at renewed risk of being killed under an expanded, Trump-run drone program.

Meqdad’s younger brother Ezzeddeen, 20, has said that drones are flying overhead constantly; every time he leaves the house, he is afraid he will be killed.

The family believe they are being targeted by the US based on an incorrect assumption that they are linked to al Qaeda. They have repeatedly asked the Yemeni authorities to correct the US, and prevent further attacks on them.

Meqdad and his family are living in poverty, following the deaths of the families’ two main breadwinners – father Saleh, and 17-year-old Jalal. Meqdad says he feels terrified for his life and the lives of his children.

The Tuaiman family is asking for the Yemeni and US Governments to explain why their relatives were killed, and to stop any future targeting of the family.