Linda Carty

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Linda, a British grandmother, is on death row in Texas after a catastrophically flawed trial.

An incompetent lawyer and a trial riddled with holes led to her conviction for the murder of Joana Rodriguez in 2001.

The men who admitted to abducting Rodriguez and her four-day-old son, Ray, struck a deal with the prosecution to save their own lives, by blaming Linda for Joana’s death. Linda was forced to accept a local court-appointed lawyer, Jerry Guerinot, whose incompetence has already led to 20 of his clients ending up on death row – more than any other defence lawyer in the US.

After the US Supreme Court refused to hear her case in 2011, Linda is now dangerously close to execution. Reprieve continues to work on Linda’s case by investigating evidence of her innocence.

There was no evidence against Linda at all, except for the testimony of those who were involved in the crime – some of whom were career criminals and blamed the plot on Linda in order to receive lighter sentences. Indeed, several of the key witnesses in  Linda’s trial, have since claimed that prosecutors threatened them into testifying. Linda protests her innocence and believes she was framed by them in revenge for her work as a confidential informant for the Drug Enforcement Agency.

It is everyone’s worst nightmare to be executed for a crime they did not commit. I am living that nightmare.
Linda Carty, speaking from death row in Texas

Since Linda was born in St Kitts when it was a British colony, she holds a British passport. Had the Foreign and Commonwealth Office been informed when she was arrested, they would have been able to help Linda, and she could have been saved from Jerry Guerinot’s disastrous representation.

With Jerry as her lawyer, Linda didn’t stand a chance. He failed to investigate Linda’s case, he spent just 15 minutes with her in the run-up to the trial, and decided not to put forward an opening argument in Linda’s defence.

I have begged for justice and a fair hearing here in the United States, but I’m afraid that by the time people find out the truth, it will be too late.
Linda Carty

Defend death row prisoners like Linda. Donate now.

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