Khadija Shah

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Image of Khaija with a baby

27-year-old Khadija Shah and her baby daughter Malaika are currently being held in the notorious Adiala jail in Pakistan. Khadija is from Birmingham, and was heavily pregnant when she was arrested for alleged drug offences in May 2012.

After Reprieve took up her case, Khadija was spared a death sentence, but she and baby Malaika remain behind bars.

“Khadija was asked to carry the bags by the person she thought was her boyfriend, a British national, and who brought her to Pakistan, and she has given the authorities his details. The anti-narcotics force seems only interested in picking up the carriers – women and children – and it isn’t going after the big fish.”
Shahzad Akbar, Reprieve Fellow and Khadija’s lawyer

Khadija was on her way back to Britain after a trip to Pakistan, travelling with her two young children. They were also sent to prison. After four and a half months, the Pakistani authorities allowed Khadija’s children to return to the UK.

Khadija was let out of the prison for just one day to give birth to Malaika, and she and her newborn baby have remained there ever since. Adiala prison is known for its dangerously unhygienic conditions, and recently saw a serious outbreak of TB.

“The UK government must ensure that Khadija gets the urgent assistance she needs to appeal her sentence so that her baby doesn’t grow up behind bars.”
Maya Foa, Director of Reprieve’s Death Penalty Team

For more on the British Government’s role in facilitating Khadija’s arrest and sentence, see our Stop Aid For Executions project.

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