Engaging Europe and Foreign Nationals

Reprieve’s Engaging Europe project identified and assisted foreign nationals facing the death penalty around the world.  As part of this work, we received funding from the European Commission to support European nationals facing the death penalty in the United States, South-East Asia, the Middle-East and North Africa.

Many foreign governments, particularly those in Europe who are opposed to the death penalty, will often provide substantial assistance to those facing capital punishment. This assistance can make the difference between life and death. Reprieve provided additional resources and expertise to support consular staff and lawyers in the provision of effective consular assistance, and legal representation.

The project’s key aims were:

  • Identify all foreign nationals facing the death penalty worldwide
  • Ensure the delivery of effective consular assistance to foreign nationals facing the death penalty
  • Support local lawyers representing persons facing the death penalty
  • Strengthen the human rights and anti-death penalty communities
  • Increase awareness of international human rights law including the EU Minimum Standards on the Death Penalty